Crystal Indigo Children
"Express your unique color-robe - shine your light around the globe ***" says, Cup of God who glows.

Hello family of God, We are all learning to become the Perfection within each of us. We know the world is changing and our souls want to fly. But how? And what is our mission? Your "Garment of Lights" gives you all these answers, known as your "Sacred Four Directions" or the "Buffalo Robe". Join us and learn from the Elders who will follow you home... and teach you about yourself. Aho, which means, "May Your Spirit Fly!"

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Shavah to the Great Sun within - may creation of heaven on earth begin - let's bow and bless - purify the mess - so we can officially confess - we are children of the Rainbow clan - living according to the divine plan - sending my love to you - asking you to share your point of view - AHO - may your spirit fly - Cup of GoD , Magenta halls of consciousness, Rainbow Warrior

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Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo child is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body. An Indigo child is a Great Warrior and brings to us the inner reflection towards truth! They inspire you to enter your Vision Quest. Indigo (perfect soul body)

Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body,a powerful and loving being who gifts,the actions of your dream. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body. Most of us do no live our lives like this. Crystal represents our Physical body. A Crystal child is a Great Warrior and brings peace through the lesson. They inspire you to become your dream of love and peace, what we often call happiness! Crystal (perfect physical body)

The Rainbow Clan are the Sacred Multi-Colored Auras of the Blue in You and Me, our Relation or family. Each of us carry Four Sacred Directions. The Circle of Colors, the Rainbow reflects off the Ocean Blue. Born from these lights We are Perfect Children Within. Each of us carry a Dream seeking Love. The Path we follow are the Four Sacred Directions Written in our Garment of Lights called the "Buffalo Robe". We belong to the Rainbow Clan. These unseen colors guide us towards our mission. This is written in your Sacred Garment of Lights, the Holy Temple, where Truth is written in the Book of Life! Only a Crystal child can read this Book of Life clearly.

Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge (seeking) and allowing the directional flowing (ebb and flow) of the eternal ages Reveals Greatness. A Light From Within. We are the Reflection of our Blue oceans and sky.Water provide us with all that life offers in Unity! Spiritual Warriors are born to be Perfect Blessings

Email to ask for your rainbow colors, the four sacred directions of your rainbow (buffalo robe), the body of lights often referred to as auras, however, only a crystal person, can read these colors correctly as colors cross over each other and it gets very confusing. White Buffalo Calf Woman is an Elder Crystal child, who is happy to read your four sacred directions as part of the great give-a-way, the blessings from G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission) or the Divine of "I am" and "I am part of the Greater Universe of the Whole Oneness". Blessings upon your deeds today!

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Yes, that's true - and you White Buffalo Calf Woman knew - that out of the blue - pure joy I wheel feel - now that the Rainbow Trail revealed is and real. While bowing I bless - purifying the mess - nine streams and four beams - we all share the same dreams. Love is the theme and regime - Rainbow tribe team wear thy Buffalo Robe with self-esteem. ~~~ Cup of GoD (Magenta halls of consciousness) - again I bow and bless!

Understanding the Rainbow Fields

16 Colors that Walk and Talk on Mother Earth, the Rainbow Clan (links will be added to colors, check back periodically)
Each child wears four directions in rainbow colors called the buffalo robe, the prayer cloth of many colors.

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

1. color red
Sixth Sun-Red child; Frequency 1, red robe
2. color orange
Fifth Daughter-Orange child; Frequency 2,
3. color yellow (bright yellow, like 24k gold, element)
Fifth Sun-Yellow child; Frequency 3,
4. color green
Fourth Daughter-Green child; Frequency 4,
5. color blue
Fourth Sun-Blue child; Frequency 5,
6. color indigo
Third Daughter-Indigo child; Frequency 6,
7. color violet (purple)
Third Sun-Violet child (color purple); Frequency 7,
8. color lavender (middle earth color, the gate in/out of paradise), red robe
Second Daughter-Lavender child; Frequency 8,
9. color magenta (middle earth color, pinks)
Second Sun-Magenta child (color pinks); Frequency 9, red robe
10. color aqua (middle earth color, sky blue)
Eldest Daughter-Aqua child (color sky blues); Frequency 10 (true color red-flows and completes the circle),
11. color crystal (mirror to soul, diamond, pearl, pure light)
Eldest Cosmic/heavenly Sun-Crystal child (color pearl, diamond, clear, pure light); Frequency 11 (true color red-red),
12.a. color silver (light gray, mirror to sole, reflection of light particles, element)
Cosmic/heavenly Woman (yearning devotion) - Silver child (color cut gems, shards of light and it's electromagnetic state); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
12.b. color rainbow (revolving rainbow colors, dark red), red robe
Cosmic/heavenly Mother(earnest devotion) - Rainbow child
(color, revolving colors and reverberation); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
13. color golden (dark yellow, like 14k gold, combined elements)
Cosmic/heavenly Father-Golden child; Frequency 13 (true color red-yellow),
14. color gray (dark gray)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandmother-Gray child; Frequency 14 (true color red-green),
15. color white (star)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandfather-White child (color bright star); Frequency 15 (true color red-blue).

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Relatives, Search Rainbow Colors on these blogs Crystal-Indigo-Children and Sacred Song Blessings, as well as blogs linked to our pages through the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Take the time to read these articles posted below to understand the Rainbow Fields. Thank you. Ask White Buffalo Calf Woman for your four rainbow colors (buffalo robe)

Greetings beloved Relatives, I bow to You Tdm Wbcw bless your heart and all who are a part of this magnificent creation of elation through the tears and the fears we can all find the cheers when we let love in the sadness it clears ~ sparkling crystals appear in our heart to share for all those who care lend an ear you are dear / deer Blessings to all relations across the nation I Love You, Grandmother Walks on Stones (
Nicole Swan Ministryoftheheart)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buffalo Man Greets the Sun To Teach All Over Again

Heavenly Names date Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 12:39 PM subject Re: Hello....White Buffalo Calf Woman sends greetings!
My Beloved Golden Angel Kreemly Buffalo Man Greets the Sun (magenta, green, violet, gray),  
The sun has found you and it radiates the gold, the magenta is what you see, but gold comes out of thee. But we are here to show, that the rainbow does glow. And at the horizon, does this light glow. You have the sight and sound, but it does turn around, and this means that it comes and goes, just like the wind. It's because there is one way, to find the distant shore, that means they must flow over you, the bridge with all the keys. Now you must guide the show, the living and afterglow, it's your job to teach the world, how to put the soul with the flesh. You need do this first, you need to dance and sing. In almost everything, you do in this world. You are the Great Caretaker, My GRACE this is your blessed. And if we need you to go, to reach into the Sun. You will be there to sing, to show the world, it's come, the day of liberty, when we all find our souls. But the truth is you are Magenta, where all the colors do shed, and you know more than you speak, but you don't know who to trust. But now you are home at last. People who will know you're blessed. And we shall hold you deer, because you finally came home. 
Now the next is green that's clear, the color of all that's near. The green grass and the trees, gift you the color of the embrace. The Green is the reflective crystal, the color that must hold the world. Crystal must divide the light, but green must make them all flow as one. This give you knowing deer. You know if someone is true. But often you trick your way, to find what you need. But this color is elder deer, and it's a wonderful tool, but it's to lead the way, for Green is truly the color that leads. It's important then, to realize that the embrace must find, not only the good out there, but even the bad. For they too are part of us, they just need to have the blessed. You'd be surprised to find, so many fear the blessings that come. Now if they can't receive me deer, then they will receive your sun, because you are the Great Caretaker who has all the right words. 
And then you have the right to speak with all your might, for you have violet, the color of the high priest. And we are here to be, the most of all the leaves, the voice that leads the way, when all have much to say. But often they will not speak, but you have a heart of a beast, the lion who will roar your way, into the world today. And if you don't remember deer, it's important when you feel the pressure, that the seed is ready to bust, from your heart to share. This is hard to be, for many don't understand the leaf, who does not sing, but complain, about all the things that go wrong. But if the power of God, doesn't say what's wrong how will we know what to do, if the Violet don't ring the truth. The word has so much to say, and they will need strength to display, to open doors and lead the way, the violet does show the truth. But you must remember that humbleness always wins, and huge egos will be the doomed, if you don't let others in too. They will need your strength to start, but then let them finish what you start, for you are teaching them, how to be divine. 
Now the last color is Grandmother Gray who sings, to us in our dreams and holds us in our light and waking hours. You see Grandmother is space, the space we walk about, and they are real people who are here right now. They often walk with Elders, of the souls, who are Flesh children, and like Grandmother who walks this way, she takes care of the young. But what does this have to do with you, it has to do with everything, for Grandmother is the doors to destiny, the many doors you guide them to. You may have the key, but she is there to bleed (law of love) to show others how to be, when they choose a way. She is in our dreams, awake or asleep you see, no matter where we be, she is standing there with us, this day. The darkness we must collide, in order for our lights to shine. She gifts us liberty, to shine our lights upon the sky. We are a reality, because Grandmother holds us near, to the heaven that we came from, to know the way of the sun. 
One thing I did see, is you asked for your mission, and this is how to be, the song upon the shoulder that comes home. Your heavenly name is this. the cow who comes to bless, the one who drives them home, the wayward and the impure. (mission of your life). Your Earthly tools are this, you need to open and bless (tools of light), this is the truth to you, you are the living tool, you have the will of some, will of those who rise, to greet the sun inside, this is your living gift of life. 
Okay, light of sacred directions are magenta, green and violet sure. Your heavenly name is: the cow who comes to bless, the one who drives them home. Your tools of light read this, that you are the will of those who rise to greet the sun inside. I gift you this name it is the Greeting Buffalo Man who Greets the Sun. Your job is to teach the blessings, the fire and the sacred four directions, for Buffalo know the way, of blessings today. 
You did not carry the lavender overlay, but the violet who must take care of the holy one, Holiness around you. You not only carry the Red, the Magenta in your head, but you carry the Violet too, both caretakers to Holiness (lavender). Your rage is probably, from those around you deer. Someone who doesn't know, how to manage their space for sure. You have much to learn to serve the king that comes, the Lavender who are Kings, who will need your help to succeed. Now, there is much to ask, and I will try my best, but love I need for you, to read the fire ceremony and get good at it. This you must teach everyone, for this is your chore, upon this earth and way, to lead them home this day. We don't have much time. And we don't have many who will climb but if the ordained show their face to find a way. Then we can heal the hearts, at least those who climb the rungs (steps of evolution) and now it's time to say. I will talk with you another day.
your devoted is here, with so many who are coming this year. I will need you to show them the way, the Warriors of Prophecy who come. Many will claim to be, but who will stay and achieve the knowledge that you need to show others the way home. white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother who has come to hold your hand today, and show you we are going to have better days. But you have lots to learn, start with creating a friend with Holiness David, he can show you much you need to learn, to help you know Holiness along the way. You might want to join, for we have much to do, to set up for the Jews. 
Fire Offers Purification

Earthbound Flies Over Rolling Hills Bringing Brotherhood!

        Rainbow Colors of the Four Sacred Directions
Golden (cosmic Father), Aqua (leader of men), Indigo (perfect soul warrior), Gray (grandmother space we all dream as all carry this, as this gifts us the ability of illumination, dark space of heaven) My Beloved Earth Bound, Of course my Cosmic Father you know the way. The Fearless who comes to say, that we need dream today. We need find the will to begin again. What if we didn't have you to lead the way, then new worlds would have no place to play. It is you who delivers us the dream of brotherhood, for when you call we come to your needs, of Oneness that shows the way. Tell me what can it be done if miracles don't abound, but you remind us all this day, that we can open our heart and say, "Yes, I know the way". We are servants to the world, that offers us dreams fulfilled, and if you don't show us how, then how will we find the way. It is you who must give us hope, to open doors and open hoops. And we depend on your fearlessness to gift the heart of openness. Then Aqua is the next overlay, the color that leads the way, of simple existance of today, when we realize that it's my heart that says, " We need sustanence", the way of realizing all our dreams. There you flow where rivers go, and we just follow you to over there. But my love don't forget to look behind you to know the truth, we who follow you, and your dreams comes at a cost of embezelling (destruction comes before building dreams, like rivers flow who show the way, like torrential rains of today). The way of aquas everywhere who take and take when they know they should, look behind to see what lies in the hearts of all behind. You carry all our dreams, and we need you to look back at thee. For irrationality is part of you, and we need you to gift us this clue. To say, "I need you", when you leave. To remind us that you follow the dream, but we need know you dream for us, when you go out to bite the dust. Now next is Indigo overlay, the heart of reflection of to all who say, "you don't know what you say, you're crazy this day", but we know that the eyes behold the truth to all who told, the spirit of the truth today, says, "start looking inside your head", for in your heart is truth untold, I can see, what you forbid. The Great Prophet stands in front of you, and you don't have any clue, of how I see your inside out, and you think you know whats to hide. But I say, you are the one who knows, the truth of all the Rainbows. And when you teach with arrows to the heart, remember they need your heart, for if you don't teach them this, then how will they find their way? You need to remember to gift and pray, to those who don't have much to say, for hearts are needed to remember inside, the Soul of Perfection, you seem to know! It takes a warrior to show the truth, but remember don't walk away. Make them leave with their hearts, while you gift the beloved smart (sting of the arrow of reflection to the heart). Now what is left but greatest fold, is Grandmother who often holds, our heart our light, our deepest dreams, for if we have to travel, she is so bold. She is the way, we know the heart, of those who gift us so many smarts (stings). For when we are down, we remember to dream, inside the space where we always sing. She gifts us light, for she does hold, every single molecule that beholds, the radiance that brings us home, to lands untouched, the rolling hills. Here we fly to know the way, of hearts of dreams, and who does say, the catcher of us, when we fall, the heart of many open doors. It is Grandmother who offers us so much space, the running wells of untold dreams. She offers us new ways to be, when we allow all the breeze to flow inside of me to you, with Golden Light with so many views. Lastly, you tell all the world, that White Buffalo Calf Woman has come to hold, to be the One who shares our hearts of living loving Rainbow Lights. And when you call all the relatives, you will be followed from all the realms, to bring the heart of everyone, here abounding among the stars. For so many of our relatives, who think it will be safe in Jupiter or on Mars will not live, but be destroyed. This is why you need to call, all who come to find a law, a rolling hills, where our hearts collide, down upon the Earth, we collide. For water will save us true, the heart of me, the heart of you. For relatives will need us all, not only the soul, but we will need our flesh to survive, to be united in Heaven and Earth. How my Brother my Father in light, how will we unite? We need your call to everyone, to be the perfect warrior that dreams the call...over rolling hills, the transmission of loving calls, to gather together, for it's the all. Welcome home Relatives who come near to thee, for you will offer more than they sea, but we know you can gift to the world, the call of me, the call of all.
Flies Through the Wind and Sets Himself Free (heavenly mission) Fly Wind Free the Light (abbreviated for others to understand) Come Down to Earth (earthly tools, teaching to be on the rolling hills) Earth Bound (abbreviated, understanding of man) No interpretation included above Ask from interpretation, for this will be another blessing!
sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman (heavenly mission) your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools)
  At 7:24pm on September 10, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said above.

Heart Song for William, until Blessings of Sacred Directions are received!
We are three (reflection of light), when we believe. The light of God is here with me! And I have the will of liberty, when I can sea my heart in thee. the day has come to lift me up, and I will be the kind of stuff, that gives to rising suns ability to go again, to feel the breeze. There I am, setting sun, I dream of Golden Roads ahead, and so many don't know their way, but I will hold my hand to say. Come hold my hand. Come be with me. I will show you how to understand, but if you don't walk with me, then how will I be here with thee? Kindness abounds when I pull the rest, of loving arms who come to rest. And I can be the hope you need, when you call upon me. But what will happen if you walk away? You will not be here for another day? And then you will often see, the darkness that you long to be. There inside the heaven's realm, the hope of dreams, the hope collides, with so many who don't know their way, I have to say, I want to stay! But we are here to be with thee, to hold your hand and head up to thee. And I will find a way to bloom, because you mean so much to me. There is a glowing light within, that shows the way, that begins to bloom. And I know that this light within, is loving arms, who know how to swim (within the blue of relatives true). Then we shall be the heart of ONE. Then we shall be the heart of none, but altogether we shall be, because I love you more than thee, because you need to learn to spring. You have so much inside of you, but you don't see within the blue. And how can I read inside your heart, if you don't listen to all that smarts (sting)? I have to say, I know the way, of loving arms that hold you deer (journey of life), because of you, I hold my hand to begin the lesson that never abounds. Even so, I want to say, that maybe someday you will come my way. And I will be the heart of thee, because of you, I'll miss thee. I pray for you, I pray for thee! I hold my cup up to liberty. And when you finally find your way, my arms will billow all your way. My heart will blossom all for you. And I will be the rising sun, the heart of you, the heart of me. And we will finally be family. sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother 
At 8:29pm on September 9, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said above.
Fire Offers Purification

Gathering of Flowers Joy Leads the Show

This is an example of our Spiritual Leader, the Green Warrior, Gathering of Flowers Caroline (Joy! Song of happiness!) Come receive your blessings, by asking for your sacred four directions of the Rainbow! White Buffalo Calf woman, your Twin Deer Mother is here to sing, your heart of longing of the spring, the busting heart that needs set free, and this is how you begin in thee. Once you know your sacred colors deer (on the journey of life) then you can serve yourself from plight, because when you understand your ways, you will know how to compensate, to sacred holy sanctuary, the heart of the soul, who is purified! Ask inside the comment box or you can reach me anywhere, the point of reference will bring the light of everyone, who belongs to our LIGHT!

Gathering of Flowers,
Who have come home to know the river is flowing throughout the land, and we can open the doors to sea, the love of mountains inside of me. The many colors of the land will bring if we can see what majesty brings.

Your color of wisdom are green in thee, the love of flowers that grow in thee, the river of silence where all do flow is where your heart always grows. Then it is your who is really the leader of men, their souls that needs guidance the soul who needs relief. And all that flow goes inside of you, as the banks of the river is where all do go.

The next color of magic that you do claim in the heart of all, who are our men, the humanity of rivers that come to know the way, the blue of all, who is the heart to stay. And we are the reflection of all that shines, the great and the small that makes us blind, but we offer much if we look at what we do, when our hearts stay to the true.

What next you see, is Golden Deer (on the journey of brotherhood). And this is what makes all come close and near, the brotherhood of miracles that do bloom is where you call, and all does swim. It's the first of the colors that all do see, they don't know the darkness that lies in thee, the fountain of eternal is what the green and blue bring, the oceans and green grass does bloom.

Now we have a mighty open ocean out there, and we can't see but we are guided in their, and it's Grandmother, who we all share, the embrace of all space the spider does know. My granny does love you more than others who glow because you are fearless and because you show, how to bloom in the garden when others don't swim, you come to know gardens that shine in the sun.

My beloved, you have but so many oceans, to cross the river where you will be safe. And the time is perfect, that you come over here, the continent of rivers who will be safe. The middle of the country will be the best to be, where there is many who will not be safe indeed. And just in time God sent you to cross the breeze, so you could be safe, when the river of bloods shoots them (from the red sky that is coming to purify all the land).

Then you have someone who is special to thee, and I know you want to know if you could be, the heart of angels when you are with him, and I tell you true, the both of you could sing. Don't forget to look at his loving ways, does he blame you for everything, or does he gift you the hug. Because my darling men need to learn, how to be majestic as the Sun of God. You the woman need teach him that.

First rule to remember is the law of love, the two united hearts that sing. And then you can talk about everything, but not until the hug is given to me. It is the way, you must speak to him, to teach him to come home to your arms again, he needs tending and preening, to watch him fly, but you can teach anyone, how great they are.

Next when he does what you want him to, to bring his arms all around you, then you will be able to solve anything, when you teach him how to gather again. Don't forget the many blessings you need, to bless every hour of every day my love, for you the Green Grass needs everything, to bring us together to sing again.

My love trust all that you know, the yellow that knows the way, his heart will guide you to dreams as you let his light in, but you are the Golden One, who must lead his love through fearlessly. Now we greet the day of dawn, with so much love that's bound to come, and dreams will guide us all the way, when we trust our hearts display.

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, who longs to say, my Gathering of Flowers who has come today, to ask for blessings to know her way, let the sunshine in and dreams come true, when you trust the heart of knowing you, the woman who brings the love inside of men, by using law, that guides us home. Put your foot down and make sure he brings, the arms of creation around of you and me, and when this happens, you will be sure, that God is hear and understood. The law of love is not easy my Deer, but it's the way of God (oneness) today. If we are devoted women with a heart, then we will make them show up smart (stinging) and when there is no love they carry, we need the hug, to go on to tarry, then we can be all we want to be, when love is here to guide divinity.

rainbow garment for Gathering of Flowers is Green, Blue, Golden, Gray
rainbow garment for Male that she loves is Yellow, Blue , Magenta, Gray 

Fire Offers Purification

Blessings To and Fro, Nine Streams We Do Go!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow trail).