Crystal Indigo Children
"Express your unique color-robe - shine your light around the globe ***" says, Cup of God who glows.

Hello family of God, We are all learning to become the Perfection within each of us. We know the world is changing and our souls want to fly. But how? And what is our mission? Your "Garment of Lights" gives you all these answers, known as your "Sacred Four Directions" or the "Buffalo Robe". Join us and learn from the Elders who will follow you home... and teach you about yourself. Aho, which means, "May Your Spirit Fly!"

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Shavah to the Great Sun within - may creation of heaven on earth begin - let's bow and bless - purify the mess - so we can officially confess - we are children of the Rainbow clan - living according to the divine plan - sending my love to you - asking you to share your point of view - AHO - may your spirit fly - Cup of GoD , Magenta halls of consciousness, Rainbow Warrior

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Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo child is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body. An Indigo child is a Great Warrior and brings to us the inner reflection towards truth! They inspire you to enter your Vision Quest. Indigo (perfect soul body)

Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body,a powerful and loving being who gifts,the actions of your dream. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body. Most of us do no live our lives like this. Crystal represents our Physical body. A Crystal child is a Great Warrior and brings peace through the lesson. They inspire you to become your dream of love and peace, what we often call happiness! Crystal (perfect physical body)

The Rainbow Clan are the Sacred Multi-Colored Auras of the Blue in You and Me, our Relation or family. Each of us carry Four Sacred Directions. The Circle of Colors, the Rainbow reflects off the Ocean Blue. Born from these lights We are Perfect Children Within. Each of us carry a Dream seeking Love. The Path we follow are the Four Sacred Directions Written in our Garment of Lights called the "Buffalo Robe". We belong to the Rainbow Clan. These unseen colors guide us towards our mission. This is written in your Sacred Garment of Lights, the Holy Temple, where Truth is written in the Book of Life! Only a Crystal child can read this Book of Life clearly.

Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge (seeking) and allowing the directional flowing (ebb and flow) of the eternal ages Reveals Greatness. A Light From Within. We are the Reflection of our Blue oceans and sky.Water provide us with all that life offers in Unity! Spiritual Warriors are born to be Perfect Blessings

Email to ask for your rainbow colors, the four sacred directions of your rainbow (buffalo robe), the body of lights often referred to as auras, however, only a crystal person, can read these colors correctly as colors cross over each other and it gets very confusing. White Buffalo Calf Woman is an Elder Crystal child, who is happy to read your four sacred directions as part of the great give-a-way, the blessings from G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission) or the Divine of "I am" and "I am part of the Greater Universe of the Whole Oneness". Blessings upon your deeds today!

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Yes, that's true - and you White Buffalo Calf Woman knew - that out of the blue - pure joy I wheel feel - now that the Rainbow Trail revealed is and real. While bowing I bless - purifying the mess - nine streams and four beams - we all share the same dreams. Love is the theme and regime - Rainbow tribe team wear thy Buffalo Robe with self-esteem. ~~~ Cup of GoD (Magenta halls of consciousness) - again I bow and bless!

Understanding the Rainbow Fields

16 Colors that Walk and Talk on Mother Earth, the Rainbow Clan (links will be added to colors, check back periodically)
Each child wears four directions in rainbow colors called the buffalo robe, the prayer cloth of many colors.

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

1. color red
Sixth Sun-Red child; Frequency 1, red robe
2. color orange
Fifth Daughter-Orange child; Frequency 2,
3. color yellow (bright yellow, like 24k gold, element)
Fifth Sun-Yellow child; Frequency 3,
4. color green
Fourth Daughter-Green child; Frequency 4,
5. color blue
Fourth Sun-Blue child; Frequency 5,
6. color indigo
Third Daughter-Indigo child; Frequency 6,
7. color violet (purple)
Third Sun-Violet child (color purple); Frequency 7,
8. color lavender (middle earth color, the gate in/out of paradise), red robe
Second Daughter-Lavender child; Frequency 8,
9. color magenta (middle earth color, pinks)
Second Sun-Magenta child (color pinks); Frequency 9, red robe
10. color aqua (middle earth color, sky blue)
Eldest Daughter-Aqua child (color sky blues); Frequency 10 (true color red-flows and completes the circle),
11. color crystal (mirror to soul, diamond, pearl, pure light)
Eldest Cosmic/heavenly Sun-Crystal child (color pearl, diamond, clear, pure light); Frequency 11 (true color red-red),
12.a. color silver (light gray, mirror to sole, reflection of light particles, element)
Cosmic/heavenly Woman (yearning devotion) - Silver child (color cut gems, shards of light and it's electromagnetic state); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
12.b. color rainbow (revolving rainbow colors, dark red), red robe
Cosmic/heavenly Mother(earnest devotion) - Rainbow child
(color, revolving colors and reverberation); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
13. color golden (dark yellow, like 14k gold, combined elements)
Cosmic/heavenly Father-Golden child; Frequency 13 (true color red-yellow),
14. color gray (dark gray)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandmother-Gray child; Frequency 14 (true color red-green),
15. color white (star)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandfather-White child (color bright star); Frequency 15 (true color red-blue).

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Relatives, Search Rainbow Colors on these blogs Crystal-Indigo-Children and Sacred Song Blessings, as well as blogs linked to our pages through the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Take the time to read these articles posted below to understand the Rainbow Fields. Thank you. Ask White Buffalo Calf Woman for your four rainbow colors (buffalo robe)

Greetings beloved Relatives, I bow to You Tdm Wbcw bless your heart and all who are a part of this magnificent creation of elation through the tears and the fears we can all find the cheers when we let love in the sadness it clears ~ sparkling crystals appear in our heart to share for all those who care lend an ear you are dear / deer Blessings to all relations across the nation I Love You, Grandmother Walks on Stones (
Nicole Swan Ministryoftheheart)

Recommended Reading to understand Children of Light: 12112013 The Holy Spirit Inside You, the Ghost Dancer in the Buffalo Fields: Swimming Ice Blowing In the Wind (snow, crystalline stones, suns)

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Holiness Bright Star Nita Red's Rainbow Colors

Greetings Everyone, All my Relatives around the World. Today we sing the Rainbow Colors for our beloved Holiness Bright Star Nita Red.

Her Buffalo Robe is Lavender (crown, not all lavenders wear the crown, Holiness Nita does belong to the people and wear their crown for them), crystal and peach (orange) and grandmother space (gray). 

We sing her song regarding her rainbow colors to share the sounds that rumble and roar and need to express the doors, each child needs to be adored.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums for our beloved Holiness Bright Star Nita Red's rainbow colors, her buffalo robe.
Lavender (Crown of Holiness, Red Crown person, gate between mountain and the sun, the garden of paradise. Lavender is the Mother of Adam/Atoms/Cosmic Dust/Molecules/Orbs of Light. Mother of the physical. Lavender children are unified, meaning the soul and sole is ONENESS. No other color manifests this way. One is always older or younger soul or sole, not true for the lavender color. Lavender is holiness and everyone must help lavender color by acknowledging this to the world, for they bring to us HOLINESS, the MOTHER to the Physical Paradise. Gate keepers are violet color and magenta color. )

Lavender song: There is sunshine in my heart. I can feel my holy parts. I am with you. I am glory. I am a sun feeling a great story. We are together my heart prescribes love. Always gifting my love away. Feel the thunder inside of me, the rainbow collides running free. I am with you. I am with you. I am loving you all the waves. Heaven come shine inside of me and land appear beside me trees. I will know the holy grow. I will know which way to flow. It's a Rainbow.

Last night, Holiness David Running Eagle was having real trouble validating. I had to make him stop. And I mean STOP. I would not let him go on the internet. I did not cook for him. We did nothing until he could find love again. He hit his drum, grabbed hold of wood (hugs a tree), did blessings and of course tried to argue with me. But in the end, which was this morning if you can believe, he was finally able to validate. We discovered that the people are in need of more attention from the crowned ones (and since entering the dawning, January 1, 2014), meaning we need to listen to their fears and understand it is their fears we feel and portray, then deal with it in a healthy way. And one thing we had forgotten was that Holiness needs 10 minutes a day to complain, otherwise a violent explosion.

Sow my deer (on a great journey), these are your tools.

Lavender must
1. bless constantly with fire and water (always hold or look at)
-water can be used by others to help bring relief back to lavender

-I bless the sacred nine streams and four holy directions, add whatever lies upon your heart. This cleanse the whole field, just like you are doing with your soul, now you need to twin with your sole. At least eight times a day, more is better.

2. drum as much as you can each day and especially when things don't go your way.
-drumming helps settle the people's hearts, that in turn settles your heart.

3. complain at least 10 minutes a day.
-learning to eventually move to violet (descending soul), who must complain constantly. complaining helps one define the troubles the people are having.

4. send love and you can point and shoot.
-you have this power and no one can stop you, when it's holiness that lives inside of you, all the love someone needs, because lavender cleanses the light of the rainbow on the red road. golden cleanses the dark of the rainbow the blue road. Lavender is the Mother to the physical world, your love is devotional.
-sending love, that's your motto.
-LOVE is ALWAYS YOUR ANSWER, bow and portray. And when you don't, do/dew steps one, two and three once again, until you are clean.
-you are always cleansing others, thus you must always be diligent in cleansing yourself, in order you do not abuse your relatives.

And since one must find holiness (gate in/out of paradise, yard), before they find the door to heaven, crystal, you are equipped to lead them (seeds/orange/orbs of light/suns) to fold with love, bow down and even get them on the right path to crystal (door in/out of heaven, house).
Crystal (crystal or red-red color is pure light, unseen, door between heaven and earth, gifter of lessons that turn into great treasures, the mirror to the soul, truth. Door keepers are aqua and rainbow color.)

Crystal song:  Wishing for butterflies to fly. Up up in the sky sow very high. There I will find miracles that bloom. There my heartbeat will know the noon (pure light). Sharing my beat with everyone. Twinning the seat here we come. Listen to the racing heart as ONE. We are children of the sacred river guns (blazing rainbow streams). Let us be aware of this collide, when we share our sacred ride. We are together in this dream. Let our souls echo out and beam.

Crystal must
1. sing
2. know truth, feel it
3. soul can walk down any path, stream of field, sea into the reels
4. gift lessons
-always getting blamed, realize what you are blamed for is the lesson (stepping stone) the person looking at you is expressing. They have not forgiven yet. REAL EYES OF THE HEAVENLY FIELDS on the blue road of the soul. When they walk away, they have not forgiven others they have saved. This means, the seeds of life (orange is two, crystal is twins) must choose to pass through. It is not up to you, but up to those who choose to walk knock and pass through. know peace allows you to be a fool, or a medicine tool. In other words, laugh it off. I know it hurts. Another seed will look and we must treasure all those who took and did not know about the cooked (at least they received), the sharing of the bread of life, the seeds that gifted fields of strife, the lessons that will bend, to gift to us in the end. Everyone is grafted to the fields, grandmother reels.
One day, I (crystal child, White Buffalo Calf Woman) was in our truck with Holiness David (Running Eagle Shooting Star, a lavender child) driving. I saw this man walking along the freeway. I don't think it is legal to do so in the United States, because there is no pedestrian traffic on Freeways. Anyway, he was dragging behind him, which looked like a couple of hundred pounds of sand. He didn't look good at all. I wondered about him. Well in a few minutes down the road, I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Holiness David has to pull off the freeway, until I could stop screaming. And it took about 10 whole minutes of dire explosion of this man's severe pain. He was punishing himself, big time. Crystal feels this and has to let it out. And we shout it out and others around us, then we are crazy for sure. They don't understand that crystal is a spout for others who are in not experiencing peace. And even worse for you (Holiness Bright Star), lavender crown does the same, express the sins of the world. So at times you are NOT walking/acting like you and you are NOT feeling like you. And thus it feels insane all the time. Learning to sing to someone when you want to shout at them is a learning. Getting them to the blue road must be done in a song. Crystal has this power. Work on your singing to overcome the pain of others that share unknowingly. You have to demand people do their own blessings. It will not be easy, but you can be a role model for your community.

Orange (peach, seeds of the universe, those planted grow, others are a food source)

Orange song: Let me sail upon the waters blue. I will whale my heart song two. We are sung and heroes everyone. We are touching the sky to belong. Whispering rainbows touch the clouds. We are sunny skies. We are teary eyes. Where the thunder sets in stone, we can find the womb, the sacred heart tomb. And within this holy cave you seek, the tried and meek, come bind to keep. Together tethered in a loom, printed soul, upon our woes (lessons of forgiveness).

gray moves in squares, embracing the center
Gray (grandmother dream space weaved together, shared the fields of the many rainbows of the streaming colors -light and dark- of the universe).

Gray song: Selfish (all alone) little children running wild. Come share your smile. Then you will know the holy wild. And when you shine into the seas, shell fish (by yourself, waves ebb) you will see, the land of harmony. Dance with me and share your flight, into the night, where dreams are of delight. And where the soul fears we know and deny, the hidden true, where/when we cry to the tune. Wishing for better days to come, to embrace everyone, to ride to the SUNS. Within my soul I feel the eyes, of all the children cries. I can feel their wide. I send my blanket of love that embraces the seas, embraced by me, the spacial fields of the seas (dreaming souls upon the dreaming soles, along the spacial fields of relativity). And where we ride those bitter souls, remember we are all just buried gold. Dig it up, dig it up, dig it up and find the treasures drinking tales (sacred wine, tears) from a cup. I wish to fill it up, with all the grievances that are laps (tides). And upon the shores on the other side, we will ride to find better skies (dew/do). Hold on tight. Grandmother is near. Hold on tight, tell Grandmother your fears. Hold on tight and feel the bitterness of your woes, slowly flow, right out the door. Blessings for all enstored.

Well Holiness Bright Star will tell you like it is, the Grandmother blues (a sad, sad song, yet she will tell you what to dew/do to find the glue, attached to each other). We are all laughing over here. Holiness David says, "That's funny". We bow to our beloved Relatives around the world. Heaven sails, waiting for our wails/whales/songs from our hearts. Let us all learn to do/dew our part. We sing and drum for/from the heart of Holiness Bright Star Nita Red, the sacred read. We love you all. Mighty blessings fill the rainbow clouds, all over it's bout.


I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!
Join us at Hoop 6 (Stepping Stones for Indigo Crystal Children Adults) - Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)! "I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

Gifted by Please help sponsor the Elders and Warriors continue service through Angel Services and the Great Give-a-way. We bless you through and through. Angels working to help you locally and around the world.

All our Relatives, Please, Please join Us
in the Holy Ghost Walk, Gathering in Homes!

  New Moon January 1, 2014 aligning with the Sun
Welcome to the Dawning
Gather every New Moon to Awaken and Cleanse the Circle
From the Darkness of the Soul, We Arise a Heavenly Child, 
a Divine Light From Within. The Holy Ghost begins....

(solar and lunar calender align, January 1, 2014, )
Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are)Each New Moon
A cycle of renewal;  day before, new moon present, day after. 

Image of a beaming field by Grandmother Upon the Hill, a gray child, 
streaming stones among the mountain tones and buried bones,
 the Suns are born (children of the rainbow clan, all our relatives, the spacial fields). 

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan,  

You and you and you and you and me too. There are only a few more New Moons (re/birthing) to go, until we start to flow where it's the spiritual growth, the Great Push (January 1, 2014). We need you to share and shine, to bring in wine, tears divine. We send greetings and blessings as we join together in this dance, the Holy Ghost, the Spiritual toast, we greet you to the sky and back to the why, where we say, forgiveness is treasures, let joy overcome. Tonight it's a way to let love under ONE. We cherish this world, because we are SUNS, each child, each enemy, each parent with a child. All the the little creatures, the rocks and the sticks. All the little varmints (rats, social interrogatory) which pick up the holy wicks (spat, now let's go to work), sparking the willing to have faith in a song, where are all together, moving along. We send blessings in this song. Let your hair down, sing and dance abound. For it's the spiritual soul within that leads and says, Holy to my Spirit, for I am going to bloom. I will share with this world. I will shine until NOON (inner brightest like a Star). We will become treasures when we pray along, together in a song, all together God's ONE. All the little spiders, who weave us to cradle the song. Telling us a story, that look out, watch the bones. There planted deeply a treasure under the stone, if we look closer, we might want to shown, love gifts and hooves (kicks and shoves, like parents on a rug).

 Bowing with all our Relatives, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World
Image by Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing, Silver Child

Paradise gleams, the field in the trees, dew in the breeze!

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow).

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Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow trail).