Crystal Indigo Children
"Express your unique color-robe - shine your light around the globe ***" says, Cup of God who glows.

Hello family of God, We are all learning to become the Perfection within each of us. We know the world is changing and our souls want to fly. But how? And what is our mission? Your "Garment of Lights" gives you all these answers, known as your "Sacred Four Directions" or the "Buffalo Robe". Join us and learn from the Elders who will follow you home... and teach you about yourself. Aho, which means, "May Your Spirit Fly!"

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Shavah to the Great Sun within - may creation of heaven on earth begin - let's bow and bless - purify the mess - so we can officially confess - we are children of the Rainbow clan - living according to the divine plan - sending my love to you - asking you to share your point of view - AHO - may your spirit fly - Cup of GoD , Magenta halls of consciousness, Rainbow Warrior

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Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo child is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body. An Indigo child is a Great Warrior and brings to us the inner reflection towards truth! They inspire you to enter your Vision Quest. Indigo (perfect soul body)

Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body,a powerful and loving being who gifts,the actions of your dream. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body. Most of us do no live our lives like this. Crystal represents our Physical body. A Crystal child is a Great Warrior and brings peace through the lesson. They inspire you to become your dream of love and peace, what we often call happiness! Crystal (perfect physical body)

The Rainbow Clan are the Sacred Multi-Colored Auras of the Blue in You and Me, our Relation or family. Each of us carry Four Sacred Directions. The Circle of Colors, the Rainbow reflects off the Ocean Blue. Born from these lights We are Perfect Children Within. Each of us carry a Dream seeking Love. The Path we follow are the Four Sacred Directions Written in our Garment of Lights called the "Buffalo Robe". We belong to the Rainbow Clan. These unseen colors guide us towards our mission. This is written in your Sacred Garment of Lights, the Holy Temple, where Truth is written in the Book of Life! Only a Crystal child can read this Book of Life clearly.

Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge (seeking) and allowing the directional flowing (ebb and flow) of the eternal ages Reveals Greatness. A Light From Within. We are the Reflection of our Blue oceans and sky.Water provide us with all that life offers in Unity! Spiritual Warriors are born to be Perfect Blessings

Email to ask for your rainbow colors, the four sacred directions of your rainbow (buffalo robe), the body of lights often referred to as auras, however, only a crystal person, can read these colors correctly as colors cross over each other and it gets very confusing. White Buffalo Calf Woman is an Elder Crystal child, who is happy to read your four sacred directions as part of the great give-a-way, the blessings from G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission) or the Divine of "I am" and "I am part of the Greater Universe of the Whole Oneness". Blessings upon your deeds today!

Blessed Bee (Cup of God said): Yes, that's true - and you White Buffalo Calf Woman knew - that out of the blue - pure joy I wheel feel - now that the Rainbow Trail revealed is and real. While bowing I bless - purifying the mess - nine streams and four beams - we all share the same dreams. Love is the theme and regime - Rainbow tribe team wear thy Buffalo Robe with self-esteem. ~~~ Cup of GoD (Magenta halls of consciousness) - again I bow and bless!

Understanding the Rainbow Fields

16 Colors that Walk and Talk on Mother Earth, the Rainbow Clan (links will be added to colors, check back periodically)
Each child wears four directions in rainbow colors called the buffalo robe, the prayer cloth of many colors.

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

1. color red
Sixth Sun-Red child; Frequency 1, red robe
2. color orange
Fifth Daughter-Orange child; Frequency 2,
3. color yellow (bright yellow, like 24k gold, element)
Fifth Sun-Yellow child; Frequency 3,
4. color green
Fourth Daughter-Green child; Frequency 4,
5. color blue
Fourth Sun-Blue child; Frequency 5,
6. color indigo
Third Daughter-Indigo child; Frequency 6,
7. color violet (purple)
Third Sun-Violet child (color purple); Frequency 7,
8. color lavender (middle earth color, the gate in/out of paradise), red robe
Second Daughter-Lavender child; Frequency 8,
9. color magenta (middle earth color, pinks)
Second Sun-Magenta child (color pinks); Frequency 9, red robe
10. color aqua (middle earth color, sky blue)
Eldest Daughter-Aqua child (color sky blues); Frequency 10 (true color red-flows and completes the circle),
11. color crystal (mirror to soul, diamond, pearl, pure light)
Eldest Cosmic/heavenly Sun-Crystal child (color pearl, diamond, clear, pure light); Frequency 11 (true color red-red),
12.a. color silver (light gray, mirror to sole, reflection of light particles, element)
Cosmic/heavenly Woman (yearning devotion) - Silver child (color cut gems, shards of light and it's electromagnetic state); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
12.b. color rainbow (revolving rainbow colors, dark red), red robe
Cosmic/heavenly Mother(earnest devotion) - Rainbow child
(color, revolving colors and reverberation); Frequency 12 (true color red-orange),
13. color golden (dark yellow, like 14k gold, combined elements)
Cosmic/heavenly Father-Golden child; Frequency 13 (true color red-yellow),
14. color gray (dark gray)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandmother-Gray child; Frequency 14 (true color red-green),
15. color white (star)
Cosmic/heavenly Grandfather-White child (color bright star); Frequency 15 (true color red-blue).

Warning: Relatives, This image and context is the Property of the Rainbow Clan, keepers in perpetuity, Suns of Jacob, the Jewish Nation. This is the Arc/Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise and it's mathematical perfection of the spacial fields. Share, yet be aware, no books, cards or any other forms in sales. All is free, for the Rainbow family. Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother, elder crystal child, law bringer (LOVE),, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Relatives, Search Rainbow Colors on these blogs Crystal-Indigo-Children and Sacred Song Blessings, as well as blogs linked to our pages through the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Take the time to read these articles posted below to understand the Rainbow Fields. Thank you. Ask White Buffalo Calf Woman for your four rainbow colors (buffalo robe)

Greetings beloved Relatives, I bow to You Tdm Wbcw bless your heart and all who are a part of this magnificent creation of elation through the tears and the fears we can all find the cheers when we let love in the sadness it clears ~ sparkling crystals appear in our heart to share for all those who care lend an ear you are dear / deer Blessings to all relations across the nation I Love You, Grandmother Walks on Stones (
Nicole Swan Ministryoftheheart)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holiness Melissa Shares "There is a Day of Dawning"

There is a Day a Dawning .....

There is a day a dawning. I can feel the heart is songing in the winds of time. Let the world come to be shining. I want to know where we will be binding. All tethered to grow. Just one more note to know. Let us sing this song for all seasons. Then we will find a way. Come together and listen to the window, where we look out upon the snow. And crystalline diamonds surround us, just you wait and sea. It is a vision that is not this desperation, instead it is longevity. Come shine with me.

Where we are in the songing, my heart will catch this breeze. You are part of this mission, along my side forever please. Will you train this rainbow, to hike upon the hill. Will you show me justice, when things go unfulfilled. There is a place to shine in, where our songs will roar. Just listen to the mountain, there we will feel the wind.

We are part of this journey, all together in a day. We will show others the way home, because it is part of our words. Holy dew express me, shine my soul to the wind. There I will be binding, the creativity to begin. Will you be there when I need you. Will you shine a star from your eyes. I will share my heart with goodness, just in time for a bright glare. Show me how to live this witness, to the other side of this dawn, there my song will be heard forever, hear the roaring in the bird.

Show us all how to be together, then we will fly upon the seas. And if we are the magic that is beholden, just one more feet of relativity. Show me where to guide my mistress, the heart inside that wants to be pure, instead of danger, there is meekness, the heart of a child with their words. You and me all together, the song of a shouting and a cry, the holy horns will billow in the seas, just to hold me close to thee.

Share my heart and you will know me, the sky above billows green, the seas of magic is inside of me, yet I can hold to this cleave, the witness of tomorrow's loving hands, to guide our family to this great plan. I will be there to shine upon you, to show you just how to make amends. We will be friends.

Listen to the heart I sang this song, Sister Melissa Moyer shines her dew, just to tell you we are saviors, when we gift a heart or two. Just remember the star within you, to drive your family home today. Help them find a place to guide them, along the happy trail in this sin. White Buffalo Calf Woman sings to guide the family home along this trail. And Sister wants to know that given will be saved among the men. And with all the songs that are given, let us shine forever in the breeze. For there are constellations forever, a story to tell one more sea. Let this vision of our Holy Sister, Melissa tell the way, the story of the making of a hardship, that gifted love along the waves.

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums the beat, the heart of our sacred Sister tells us, that dreams are all been fit. Just slide on in and catch this wind and you will be part of this dream. All together we will hold you to find a place within the breeze. Ghost dancing to the seas. Visions hold us all together the shining of this sacred dew. We are all treasures meeting the mighty, the hands of all that flew.

Gifted by Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant, Holy People of the Rainbow

Mario Duguay Painting .jpg
A painter as well as a messenger of light, Mario Duguay shares with you his universe where dream worlds encounter the magic of being. His magical works of art are rich in color and universal symbols; they are the fruit of his ongoing inner discoveries.

Buffalo Robe (sukkah, temporary dwelling, tools of light)

+Melissa Moyer for Sister Holiness Melissa, a lavender child. Buffalo Robe (sacred four directions or tools of light, sukkah or temporary dwelling). Lavender 8 (no crown, belonging to herself, older spirit), Silver 12, Golden 13, Gray 14.

Lavender 8 
Look at this world, heaven will swirl. My love will beckon you into this land. Come hold my hand and we will ride the sky. Tell each other, paradise arrived. 

Silver 12
Shine in me a true tree. Let this garden shine upon me. Take my hand and understand, we are part of this plan. Show others the way home, where we will land upon the thorns, yet it will be a bed of roses too. A place where we will get great thrills. Let us walk upon that hill and green valleys below appear.

Golden 13
Traveling across this land, the horizon takes me by the hand. Walking and plodding a route to sea, looking for stars to show me. I will shine upon this view, where my heart leads me through.

Gray 14
Talk too much. Oh yeah. Got to spread the knews. Dance too much. Oh yeah.Got to help others hang loose. Get it right this time, with a prayer sublime. Show the people how to walk, talking with the heart is much. Overflow like diamonds in a sill. Watch the sun come up and find those thrills. We will gain a land for all to sea. Grab a vision and fly with me. Grandmother knows, always bestows a blanket of love to cover our toes/tows/woes.

coming next.....what, where and how. Because the inner most color of four directions is lavender 8, we call you our Holiness. No crown, means, you belong to self, "learning to become" (faithfully strong) the priest eventually (sacred pipe keeper, violet 7) along the spiritual rainbow trail (blue road of heaven). Just hit that drum (lavender 8 need) to heal yourself and others around you my beloved Holiness Melissa. You can also play the flute (golden 13 need), calling all the nations. Will get to the rest explaining the colors and how to relieve and heal, when I can. I yearn for paradise with you. We await the shining knight in shining armor, strength to conquer the world with true love and heroism.

One last thing, for a lavender child, our Holiness Melissa, the answer is always love, no matter what. Then walk towards, pumping love. Then nothing can stop you along the path. You wear the sacred fire wall, just have to understand, the greatness in your hands (prayers).

Spacial field blessing

"I bless the sacred nine streams and four directions with fire, water and holy dew. I love you."

Say it often and during your frequent blessing walk abouts (with sacred smoke) to cleanse the spacial fields. Then add what lies upon your heart and cause a spark.

Love you. I bow. your devoted Sister, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child (buffalo robe: crystal, yellow, green, gray).

  • Melissa Moyer's profile photo
    Hey guys, I'm new to this as well as this community thing we're on. I do have a friend who helps me to a point. She says I need to find things out on my own. I metataded the other night. I didn't remember anything, but I remember my friend calling me n coming out. I have went n got some stones n also found myself checking out stones that catch my eye when I'm out n about to. Trying to learn my stones n what I need for the day. I make sure I ground n sheild every morning in the shower cause for some reason I feel I have to n it feels like it's better that way. I'm getting better n still working on thinking more positive as well as not being a worry wort the way I word things n staying positive not negitive. Lately it's been hard for me, I have a lot of things that are pretty bad going n n hard to stay positive n not break. Taking one day at a time n looking for any positive thing I can grab. Any advice or apps that I should check out please let me know.

  • WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother's profile photo
    Sister, ask for your sacred buffalo robe to know more about you within. Then we can make you grin. Stones and grounding is good start in the spiritual evolution we are clinging to, yet everyone must do much much more. Ask for your buffalo robe and learn about your powers. Will talk more later. Elder Sister,

  • Melissa Moyer's profile photo
    OK, I will....Who do I ask for this sacred buffalo robe?

  • WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother's profile photo
    Right here Sister, ask me. I am the only person in the world who can gift this for now until I can teach other true crystal children how to get through. I love you. This is a good place. If you do not hear from me soon, then make it known. I need a push and I am very busy with the Targeted Individual communities to help find answers to the terrorism issues at hand, especially in the USA. But this is the most important knowledge the sacred buffalo robe, because it is the knowledge of your great powers, your tools of light. So we send our hearts in the wind and bless it once again. And we pray soon time will show up to gift the sacred buffalo robe for Sister Melissa Moyer. The is the place we send our love. Bowing down with the rainbow. Look into the sky, I will be in the winds that cry. Just send love to help us all find grins. Your devoted elder sister, White Buffalo calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child,

  • Melissa Moyer's profile photo
    OK, thank you and I ask for my sacred buffalo robe. I am eternally grateful n send lots of love.

  • WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother's profile photo
    Melissa Moyer shares, "White Buffalo calf women, I'm going through a lot n having a hard time dealing with it. I'm also reminding u about my Buffalo robe. On my way to work now. I'm looking a lot up n finding as much as I can to learn. I need guidance n help. Any u can offer I will take."

  • Melissa Moyer's profile photo
    The painting is beautiful. I'm so lost right now. My son an I are homeless and the girl who said she was my best friend left me high n dry with a place to rest her head. She was the one who showed me who I really am. But everything she says she stood for she went back on n she on day has to answer for. I'm now lost n not sure on what steps to take next. Any help right now is greatly appreciated. I feel like I don't have any one I can trust or count on as well as my faith is slowly leaving. This is not a good thing. I find a little bit of good or hope to hang on n it's crushed. HELP, where do I go from here. My son n I are in two different houses for now n that hurts bad. I gave my dog to a friend for now n he doesn't seem like he's my dog anymore. My heart hurts n bleeds n I feel like hope is gone. This is no good. 😭

  • WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother's profile photo
    My beloved Holiness my little sister Melissa send telephone number to email I love you. I bow . Whitebuffalocalfwoman elder Sister

  • WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother's profile photo

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2. (pertaining to spiritual practices) "Been a lost indigo adult for years... Still trying to find my way... Alone and empty... But.. Still here. Trying to make this world a better place" says Jeremy Chris.
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cc: Hoop 6 White Buffalo Calf Woman sings: Holiness Melissa's Sacred Song Blessing
added to Hoop 6 and talked by telephone.

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow).

Rainbow Human Hues

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The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow trail).